Puppy & Dog Training Information

Puppy & Dog Training Information –  below is a brief outline of our puppy & dog training classes:-

Puppy Training

Puppy training is about the dogs learning how to play and behave appropriately with dogs their own age.

Socialization is the most important part of this puppy training class. It exposes puppies to new people, situations and experiences in a safe environment to help your puppy become confident and avoid becoming fearful or aggressive.  Socialisation is the key ingredient to set your puppy on the path to good behaviour.

Puppy training classes will also address some basic obedience commands, such as sit, lie down, learning their name and loose lead walking along with teaching calm behaviour and self control.

We will also introduce your puppy to some basic games and a few of the smaller pieces of agility equipment (no jumps at this age.)

Puppy Class
Beginners Training

Beginners Training

This class is where new members with dogs over 6 months old will start. Here we cover the basics needed for a well-behaved pet; our aim is to help you train your dog to be a polite member of society who can be taken everywhere with you.

Skills taught include watch, sit, drop, wait, stay and loose lead walking.

We also introduce your dogs to a variety of games and basic agility equipment.

We do not insist on a fixed number of beginner lessons. Our instructors will move you and your dog to the next class when you are both ready to proceed.

Intermediate Training

When you dog is ready to learn more you and your dog will move on to our Intermediate classes.

Here you will get to develop your and your dog’s skills further, such as extending the time for your dog’s waits and stays, along with introducing new skills like “leave it”, stop, park and walking to heel.

Again games and fun activities are an important part of training. Enjoy recall and loose lead races with classmates, learn doggy push ups and experience the fun (and challenges!) of “Temptation Alley” along with new agility activities.

Intermediate Training
Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Our advanced training emphasises the development of the behaviours already learned by practicing with increased difficulty. Learn to work with your dog at a distance or with increasing distractions. When you are ready you will progress to working your dog off lead.

Some of our members have continued to attend our advanced classes with their dogs for years, as ongoing training is a fun way to keep your dog active, engaged and happy – not to mention it is a wonderful and safe way for your dog to socialise with their furry friends.

Greyhound Socialisation

Our Greyhound Socialisation Class is designed to assist Greyhounds to transition from racing to pet life. Training is all about helping greyhounds to become relaxed and to be a pleasure to have both at home and when out & about. The class caters for all types including anxious or reactive dogs. We offer a safe and calm environment where they can socialise with other Greyhounds and be introduced to other breeds both large and small.

Greyhound Training


If after looking through the website & our FAQ page,  you still require further Puppy and Dog Training Information please contact us.