Mornington Community Dog Club Rules

By joining Mornington Peninsula Community Dog Club you agree to abide by the club rules which are detailed below.


  1. All children under the age of 7 years, brought to the Club grounds, are the sole responsibility of their parents, as they are not covered under the club’s insurance policy and must be supervised at all times by an adult, who is not involved in dog training.
  2. All other children brought to the club grounds must be supervised by an adult at all times who is not involved in dog training.
  3. Any person bringing a dog to Cub grounds or activities, shall at all times by wholly and totally responsible for the care, well being, health and action of the dog in their charge.
  4. Handlers must be financial members of the club and training fees must be paid before training commences.
  5. All members are required to sign in on arrival at the club grounds.
  6. Membership badges will be provided and must be worn at all times whilst on club grounds.
  7. Any dog bought to the club grounds by a member must be registered with the club and must have a current Council registration.
  8. Membership cannot be accepted without presentation of a current vaccination certificate.  Every dog must have had its second vaccination.
  9. Members are responsible for their own dog’s waste which must be picked up and deposited in the white containers provided by the Club.
  10. No dog is allowed off lead without an Instructor’s permission.
  11. All dogs must be with their handler at all times or crated in the designated area.
  12. Tethering of dogs is only permitted in designated area, after consultation with an instructor.
  13. Do not approach crated dogs.
  14. Handlers under the age of 12 years must be assessed by President before they can be permitted to participate in Club training activities.
  15. Only handlers and Instructors are permitted on the ground when training is in progress.  All visitors and family members should stay away from training areas.
  16. No bitch in season or dogs with Kennel Cough is permitted in the vicinity of the grounds.
  17. Striking or kicking your dog is not permitted.
  18. No dogs are to be left in cars when temperature is in excess of 20°C
  19. Dogs left unattended in cars must not be able to reach any person who passes close to their car.  Make sure they cannot get their heads out of the windows and they remain within the confines of the car.  All dogs left in cars must have adequate water and ventilation.
  20. Photos may be taken at training and used for promotional purposes for the club. Members are taken to consent to their photos being used unless they have advised the Club President to the contrary.

You are welcome to download the MPCDC Rules using the button below.

MPCDC accepts no liability or responsibility for any incident caused by failure to comply with these rules.