About Mornington Peninsula Community Dog Club​


Mornington Peninsula Community Dog Club (MPCDC) was founded in late October 2002. It was formed out of the need for a “Pet Dog” training club and to promote Responsible Dog Ownership by teaching people to have fun with their dogs.

  • The Club became incorporated in October 2002.
  • February 2003 saw the first official training at Citation Oval, Helena Street Mt Martha.
  • Late 2003 saw the Club affiliate with the Victorian Canine Association (now Dogs Victoria)

MPCDC is focused on promoting responsible dog ownership through education and training. It offers the opportunity for dog owners to socialise with other dog owners and allow their dogs to socialise with each other.

We aim to help you train your dog so that they will become a great companion, and an enjoyable addition to your household. The training will help in all aspects of the dogs’ life, going for a walk, going to a dog park, or greeting visitors.

Without socialising and some basic training, your dog may become an uncomfortable part of the family. This then can lead to both you and the dog having a limited and unhappy existence.

Dog training offers owners the ability to assess the behaviours of their dogs in an atmosphere where the dogs are outside of their own environment. Owners along with our experienced instructors’ will access and work on any problems that require attention. The end-result will be a happier and more well-balanced dog that enjoys being part of the family and the wider community.

A dog owner who has a trained dog is more likely to walk the dog, take it on holidays and be comfortable in its company.  Plus there is no greater enjoyment than to being with your furry best friend and being loved unconditionally!

MPCDC a true Community Dog Club

Mornington Peninsula Community Dog Club (MPCDC) embraces all members of the community, no matter the age or experience of your dog. Our aim is championing responsible dog ownership by teaching people to have fun with their dogs, in addition to helping your dog become safer, sounder, and more secure companion.

We are a true community dog club staffed by volunteers dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to sharing their expertise in a friendly and positive way to enhance the enjoyment of dog ownership.

In addition as a registered non-profit organization any money we make goes back into the dog club.

Our Location & Facilities

Our club is located at Citation Reserve in Mount Martha, Victoria, 3934.  We are fortunate to have access to a fully fenced dog leash free area within the Citation Reserve. The leash free area is located near the Helena Street entrance to the reserve.

Car access is from Helena Street and there is ample free car parking available.

Our Clubhouse is located within the leash free area.

Clubhouse Opening Hours are Saturdays 8:30am to 11.00am

Some of our Instructors and their dogs